Dr. David Cook M.D.

Dr. Cook attended high school and college in Utah prior to attending medical school at St. George’s University. He did his postgraduate training in Savannah, Georgia and Decatur, Illinois. He then practiced Family Medicine and Pain Management for nearly 20 years in Illinois and Indiana before returning to Utah and practicing medicine here. He enjoys creating with wood, metal and glass and also enjoys activities in the water and on the snow, especially with his wife and their 9 children.


Dr Calvin M Beaugez

Dr Calvin M Beaugez, got into the health care field after suffering every 3 months FOR 4 years, with extreme debilitating pains of the right leg. He would have so much pain down the right leg and low back that he would have to use his hands on his knees to walk himself up to a standing position and then was still in a very bad walking position for 7 days before it just “went away”.

After being referred by his mother to her Chiropractor and being treated, he has never had that antalgic pain issue again, still some residual lumbar issues once in a while but nothing that can’t be fixed with a maintenance visit from time to time. After learning about all the other benefits of Chiropractic and especially Natural Health care, he was intrigued by nutrition counseling, fasting, vitamins and herbs for healing. Just like bad “nutrition” for a car’s engine, such as the wrong oil or even pouring gasoline where the oil goes can cause “death” to an engine, he was always intrigued by how the standard American Diet can cause all kinds of sicknesses and how reversing those food items can heal as well.

After 29 years of treating patients, he’s still passionate about helping people walk, run, play or just simply be able to work again. Graduate of Parker College of Chiropractic, with a Doctorate of Chiropractic and Bachelor’s degree in Anatomy.


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