At Calvin Medical, we are here to guide your body to return to its fullest potential. We do this by providing premier Regenerative Medicine and functional therapies. Our mission is to enlighten the community with hope and healing to find truly effective solutions to healthcare needs. With a healthy and hopeful community, we can have a more positive impact on the world around us. We want the people in our community to be empowered to make better choices in their lives and inspire those around them.

With this approach, our desire is to give patients control of their healthcare. Prior to treatment, we review each patient’s health goals. This gives our providers the right lens to view treatment plans though, in order to achieve the outcomes patients are looking for. This results in each patient having ownership of their health.¬†

Ultimately, the staff at Calvin Medical are here to guide your body to return to its fullest potential! We have full confidence in our skills to guide you on your journey to healing and life fulfillment. We will be there at every high point and every low point along the journey so you are never feel alone in your healing process.

  • I was well attended and taken care of by everyone at this clinic. Everyone was helpful and friendly. Enjoyed my visit here. Recommend it to everyone for any kind of treatment.

    Matthew Campbell
  • This is such a great clinic. They tell you to breathe in and breathe out. Helps you to relax and feel better. I totally recommend this clinic!

    Jon Argueta
  • Great Doctors, excellent service from all the staff members; a great environment as soon as you walk in the door!! Thanks, everyone.

    Jorge Garcia
  • Calvin Medical practice has made my life easier after an accident and I like how they dedicate the necessary time to make sure you get better.

    Katsu Tanabe
  • This clinic is amazing and the staff is super friendly and professional. They offer great services. I really recommend.

    Vianey Perez
  • This place has an amazing and friendly staff!!! They found the cause to my pain and are helping me get better.

    Jennifer Arnold
  • I've been treated really good at Calvin Medical. They are very nice and eager to work and help me. I'm glad I chose this clinic over any other. I highly recommend Calvin Medical. Really good staff and treatment ????????????

    Wilfredo Mattei
  • I love the customer service that the Doctors and ¬†Assistants give to me. I feel like I am part of the Clinic's family! Thanks for your great care!

    Jonathan Argueta


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