Prolotherapy, aka Proliferative Therapy, is the original regenerative injection therapy and was introduced in the 1950’s by Dr. George Hackett. Although the term was introduced then, the principles behind Prolotherapy date back until the time of Hippocrates, who is known as the father of medicine.

Pain is often a result of a traumatic or overuse injury that causes microtears to where ligaments or tendons attach to the bone. These ligament and tendon attachments are rich in nerve supply and low on the blood supply, which contributes to increased pain, instability, and muscle spasm, eventually leading to degeneration.

Prolotherapy involves the injection of dextrose, a natural irritant solution, into an area of chronic pain to create a targeted beneficial inflammatory response that stimulates and assists the body’s own natural healing process, resulting in the formation of new cells migrating to the weakened area, increasing blood flow, and allowing for the growth of new and strengthened tissue.

On average, Prolotherapy requires between 4-6 rounds of treatment, spaced one month apart, to get the full benefit, with some improvement occurring from just one injection, depending upon the degree of injury.



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